Are You Waiting For Approval?

I have a song for that

A friend was sharing about a tough experience and it reminded me how excruciating it can be waiting for the world to notice us, to validate our work and to pay attention to what we are offering with all our heart.

Here is my theme song for NOT WAITING FOR ANYONE ELSE’s Approval - aptly named APPROVAL.

Listen. Breathe deeply. Let it out.

May these few minutes bring a respite from comparing yourself and all of those self imposed expectations.

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I've just watched the video of the Misogyny Opus and I must say it's moved me to tears. Music has such power to soothe, enlighten and inspire." ” - Betsy

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Patreon - Behind the scenes, the creative process and hear my unreleased songs

Want to support original creative work? PATREON is the perfect place. For as little as $1 a month you can be a part of an artist's process. My latest post is at this link.

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Whitsundays Songwriter Festival 2023

SONGWRITER Residency, EMERGING SONGWRITER Workshop & Concert & Conversation Events

It's a wrap. 4 days flew by with these incredible songwriters who formed the faculty for the 2023 festival. Toni Childs, @thetonichilds Mark Sholtez, @marksholtez Vika & Linda, @vikaandlinda Karen Jacobsen, @realkarenj and Francesca de Valence @fdvmusic

Our emerging songwriter workshop presented by I Heart Songwriting Club @iheartsongwritingclub connected local Whitsundays songwriters with our professional faculty and our Concert and Conversation event in Airlie Beach was sold out, giving locals a behind the scenes like no other of the creative process for professional songwriters.

Real connection happened at Yangaro, @yangaro where we were able to write deep and personal songs together; and we wrote 8 deeply personal songs.

An additional and Aussie favourite songwriter Mark Seymour, @markseymourandtheundertow had heard about our event and flew up for a day and night of songwriting with us. This was unexpected and a spectacular experience.

We love bringing major city experiences to the local region in North Queensland, with our mission to develop a next generation of professional songwriters.

Our thanks to Arts Queensland @artsqueensland and Whitsunday Regional Council @whitsundayrc for supporting the Whitsundays Songwriter Festival, Cruise Whitsundays @cruisewhitsundays and to the Whitsundays Arts Festival.

Stay tuned for more.


The Vibrations of Live Music

It's the morning after my one night only concert in New York City. Last night at the Triad Theater I sang brand new songs, debuted excerpts from the Misogyny Opus and performed a song from the musical Perfectly Imperfect (book Angela Monteagle/ composer Karen Jacobsen)with MiG Ayesa, an extraordinary talent.

You know, being in a room sharing the listening of live music can be profound. Transporting. Transcendent. This is why I perform. I adore being able to create that space. It can be a challenge to manage every aspect of being the artist creating the work to perform, then being the marketing team. I continue to proceed doing all of these things because it feels right to ensure I share the music. And share the message.

Know that music is deeply healing. The best is if you can sing with others. The joining of voices, even in the most casual of ways creates vibrations that are so good for us. AND it feels good.

Thank you to everyone who was able to be there last night at The Triad to be part of creating that space.

Wherever you are in the world, take the opportunity to listen to live music. Even better if it is original music - which is someone's powerful message channeled to share with the world.



Misogyny Opus Single & Music Video Release of Better Standard Than This

In August of 2021 I was watching a series hosted by Annabel Crabb on the ABC called Ms. Represented. The program traced the history of women in Australian politics, and when Annabel started to interview former Prime Minister Julia Gillard about her iconic misogyny speech, it was like a bolt from the blue. I ran to my computer and searched up a transcript of the speech. I took the transcript and ran to my piano and started to set the speech, word for word, to music. As I put my hands on the piano keys, the music was all there, as if waiting for me to capture it. That first day I wrote for four hours before realizing - oh my goodness these aren't my words, I need to ask for permission. I wrote to Julia Gillard directly through the contact page on her website and was overjoyed when I received word from her.

On October 1st, 2022 the first part of the "Misogyny Opus" was released, and in the first 8 days we had had over 20 000 views of the music video on YouTube. Response has been incredibly heartening. The message of equality is urgently needed. In fact we are in an emergency worldwide.

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the speech, this first song Better Standard Than This will be followed by the remainder of the full 50+ minute pop orchestral work, setting the entire speech to music. The music video includes 70 equality advocates from around the world, each lip syncing a section of the piece. My performance was filmed on stage of the Auditorium at the MECC (Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre) in my hometown of Mackay by Tanya D'Herville, and the video was edited by 3 x Emmy Award winning Editor Chris Orwat of Pure Cinematography.

I'm preparing the work for its live premiere on April 29th, 2023, and the release of the accompanying album. The album is available for PURCHASE HERE

Thank you Julia Gillard for your courage and impact. As someone who has experienced misogyny and sexism throughout my career and life, I indeed believe all of us deserve a Better Standard Than This. May the message of this creative advocacy project move us toward equality.

Whitsundays Songwriter Festival Inaugural Year 2022

Whitsundays Songwriter Festival

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