Perhaps she tells you what to do or where to go every day. The original Aussie voice of “Siri” is Karen Jacobsen, an award winning Singer and Songwriter, celebrating the release of the title track of her new record THE SLIPSTREAM.

Karen captures the essence of what humanity has been going through in her cinematic, piano-driven songs. Performing live at the piano, her powerful vocals and impactful storytelling will leave you entertained and inspired. Her timeless, melodic music with a message is the musical hug the world needs right now.

On the first visit back to her NYC home of 20 years after leaving for a few weeks for Australia in March 2020 until the pandemic “blew over,” expect a night of connection, celebration and tears of joy. Harry Connick Jr called her “hypnotic” on his national talk show, and she was told she had made it when she became a clue in The New York Times Crossword puzzle.

" can’t help listening because her voice and piano playing are so hypnotically beautiful...that voice is sweet heartbreak.” - Jennifer Layton,

“A super musical performance: Karen Jacobsen, in a spectacular gown, is beautiful, funny, a lovely light-fingered pianist and a terrific singer with a fine clear voice who writes melodically original personal songs giving glimpses of her life and relationships. She totally engages her audience with her charm, her voice and her wit and she can hold a note like Jerry Colonna, It’s a treat to be entertained by this talented, lovely woman. Catch her if you can. It’s one of the best performances of the decade.” - Richmond Shepard

Approx Running Time: 70 minutes