1. The Radio

From the recording Ready For What I Came Here For

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Before the internet. Before compact discs. Before cable TV. Before playlists. There was THE RADIO.

We would hear a song dozens of times on high rotation to become familiar with it and ultimately love it. These days a songwriter/artist has a very short attention span to appeal to.

Filled with nostalgia, my song THE RADIO will transport you to that era when we waited by the radio with our cassette deck. Didn’t your favorite song always come on when you briefly popped to the kitchen for a drink and it would be a race back to press record!?
Growing up in Mackay in North Queensland, the local radio station was 4MK. This was our access to the whole world of what was happening with music.

This song is a love letter to the radio of the 70's and 80's, when "everything we ever learned about love was from the radio."

Shout out to Ian 'Lofty' Fulton for your biography and its inspiration, and to 4MK, my hometown Mackay radio station.

Karen Jacobsen
"The Radio"
Ready For What I Came Here For
Written by K. Jacobsen (APRA)
Piano & Vocals: Karen Jacobsen
Guitar, Bass & Tracks: Matt Anthony
Producer: Matt Anthony
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: Matt Anthony at Engine Sound New York City
©Kurly Queen Records

Visit: http://www.karenjacobsen.com
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Everything I ever learned about love
Was from THE RADIO
Until I went out in the big wide world
And really got to know
That no
As much as you don’t want it to
It almost always means no
You can wish upon a star
But you can’t make somebody
Give you their heart

Flying high in the night
Never better
Got my headphones on
You know that feeling
How your soul can stir
From hearing Jackson Browne
Sing your favorite song
As much as you don’t want it to
The memory hurts when no
You had wished upon a star
But couldn’t make somebody
Give you their heart

Being fourteen
Being fifteen
Being sixteen
Aching, wishing
Pining for a sign
It would be over soon

I dreamed myself into the great romances
With Jack and Diane,
Brenda and Eddie
I escaped into my cameo
My cameo
As much as you don’t want it to
Reality stings
And no amount of wishing on a star
Is gonna make somebody
Give you their heart


K. Jacobsen 2021 ©Kurly Queen