1. Burning Bright

From the recording Ready For What I Came Here For

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Mid-tempo uplifting song about the turning points in life and allowing ourselves to shine.



My world stood still
But there was movement all around
Forgot to breathe
The heat soaked up the sound
The sky was all aglow
It didn’t matter
I had been the last to know

The wall of flames will set you straight
You’re needed now, it cannot wait
How you respond can seal your fate
You’re burning, you’re BURNING BRIGHT
The embers swirl around the light
They’re closing in, too late to fight
You know what’s true
You know what’s right
You’re burning, you’re BURNING BRIGHT
You’re burning, you’re BURNING BRIGHT

I’m walking slow
But with every step I’m sure
And it’s funny since
I am on a road I haven’t traveled before
The horizon was aflame
The only sign I needed
I was well on my way


The sweetest nectar tends to be
Beyond the deepest darkness of your destiny
The taste of freedom
Seeps into your bones
The seeds are sown
To never face the fear alone


K. Jacobsen 2019
©Kurly Queen