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From the recording Prearranged

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Pure, musical medicine complete with healing mantra. Powerful and universal imagery. A gift of hope.

Karen says” "All of the music and the first lines of the verse came during a meditation. A full download. Many of the lyrics poured out as a result of despairing watching the news. Humanity is experiencing a massive shift, and comfort is what many of us need. I know I do. Rather than my having written this song, It’s as if the song wrote me.”

Insights, sadness, perseverance, hope, like a light coming through.


Filmed on location in the glorious Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia at Elysian Resort.

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Karen Jacobsen
The Slipstream
Written by K. Jacobsen (APRA)
Piano & Vocals: Karen Jacobsen
Guitar, Bass & Tracks: Matt Anthony
Producer: Matt Anthony
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: Matt Anthony at Engine Sound New York City
©Kurly Queen Records

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You can’t see it
But you can feel it
You’re not a failure
That you have tried
There’s no alarm bell
Set to awaken
The morning after
A part of you has died

No-one’s flying in
Your hot air balloon
The silver sky is ready now
It’s been waiting for you
Timing is everything
The change
Lining up
When and where
The greatest shift
Can be made

It’s any wonder
We choose the worry
It’s the familiar
That weights us down
It takes a village
To learn the exception
To the rules
The lies
The shallows
Where we run aground

No-one’s dreaming
In your domain
The crystalline
The atmosphere
The promise remains
Timing is everything
The change
Lining up
When and where
The greatest shift
Can be made

You did everything
Just as it had to be
Loud and quietly
In all the right places
Aching for permission
Later judging a decision
Take a long ride
Out on the open road

It’s ok
It’s perfect
It may hurt
But what’s next
Is power
And presence
And freedom
Your essence
Will guide you
Divine you
I’m always beside you
You’re stronger
And deeper
Than your thoughts
May keep you

K. Jacobsen 2023 ©Kurly Queen